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Available Multifamily Properties in Texas - October 2023
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Finding your next (or first) acquisition is hard, winning the deal is hard, and getting it closed can be hard.  We would be honored if you would trust Vissute to help you work through all three segments of getting a deal done; Identify, Win & Close.

We use an internal research tool to find available properties across the state of Texas, and right now we’re looking at more than 950 opportunities ranging from 4 to over 1,000 units.  No matter if you are just starting your multifamily ownership journey, or you are a seasoned veteran, our tool will save you countless hours searching the internet looking for deals.

We’re capturing deals from almost 400 brokers across the state in 24 of the 25 TX MSA’s.  Off market opportunities are not included in the dataset as we manage those searches on a one-off basis.

We’re giving access to our research to select clients, and we’d like to help you Identify, Win, and Close your next deal.  If you’d like to learn more email me directly at [email protected], Jacqui Green at [email protected] or Taylor Thomas at [email protected].

Click the ‘Sign Confidentiality Agreement’ button in black on the right side.  After you complete the CA, we’ll send you a link to the map.  Approval may take up to 24 hours.

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